November 19, 2021

7. Central Postoffice. But having said that, i enjoy think of walking in Saigon as kind of like an obstacle course

7. Central Postoffice. But having said that, i enjoy think of walking in Saigon as kind of like an obstacle course

Best across the street from Saigona€™s Cathedral of Notre Dame, around the exact same city square, is actually another known landmark, the core post-office, that began development back in 1886.

Once again, the same as several different property in Saigon, ita€™s the French colonial structure that really shines.

Designed by Gustave Eiffel

But more so right here, one of several main reasons the postoffice is among the top Saigon sites is simply because it absolutely was designed by Gustave Eiffel (yes, the person who additionally engineered the Eiffel Tower in Paris).

The thing I liked towards main postoffice, is that not only enjoys they become a high tourism attraction, but it also remains fully in use and functional.

If youa€™d like, it is possible to head into the post-office, pick a postcard from Vietnam, stamp they, and deliver it home to your family and friends right then and there.

Also, I additionally really liked the ground tiling as well as the monster map murals colored regarding structure.

2. Thien Hau Temple (Pagoda)

Found in the Chinatown region (District 5) of Ho Chi Minh town and created back in the 19th 100 years, Thien Hau Temple try specialized in Thien Hau, the woman in the ocean (source).

From external, the pagoda really didna€™t look remarkable.

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The access wall structure face had been really weathered, somewhat unmaintained (but this did additionally have a historical experience), and it also had virtually a haunted feelings to look at.

But as soon as you move inside, the beauty of the temple, generally through the complicated details and carvings, was unveiled.

Outside view of Thian Hau Temple

One of my favorite areas of browsing Thien Hau Pagoda in Saigon comprise the incredible sculpture reliefs created regarding higher roofing part of the temple, portraying moments of day to day life.

These people were colorful, but weathered, together with built up many of incense smoking, putting some statues see ancient and dusted in black colored soot.

Another identify were the giant rings of incense that burn off gradually, holding from the roof, and answering the temple and ambiance with smoking.

Ho Chi Minh town keeps a tremendously stronger Chinese position, once youa€™re at Thien Hau Pagoda youa€™ll feel like youra€™re really in Asia. The pagoda are really worth seeing when youa€™re in Cholon (Saigona€™s Chinatown).

Target: ThiA?n Ha?­u Temple, 710 Nguya»…n TrA?i, ph?°a»?ng 11, Qua Bumble vs Tinder 2019?­n 5, Ha»“ ChA­ Minh, Vietnam start time: 8 am a€“ 4:30 pm day-to-day entrances rates: Free How to get truth be told there: The temple is situated in Cholon, area 5. Ita€™s greatest to obtain around by taxi cab.

Museum of Ho Chi Minh Town

3. Art Gallery of Ho Chi Minh City

In the past you may have observed the Gia Long residence or even the Revolutionary art gallery, but now, similar put is officially known as the art gallery of Ho Chi Minh town or HCMC art gallery.

When my family and I went to, on a weekday in the center of the day, it absolutely wasna€™t hectic anyway (unlike the battle remains art gallery that was stuffed around), therefore it is good to peacefully walk-around and relish the exhibitions.

In the Art Gallery of Ho Chi Minh Town

A lot of shows show the annals and generating of Ho Chi Minh area, but also there are certain Vietnamese customs displays aswell.

Exactly what we enjoyed top, got simply the remarkable mansion palace that Ho Chi Minh town Museum ended up being situated in, still another beautiful neoclassical design built-in 1885, with big pillars and wooden staircases.

This art gallery, I was thinking, was actually some outdated and tired, however for just 15,000 VND for entry price, I thought it actually was nevertheless well worth creating a simple browse.

Target: Ha»“ ChA­ Minh town art gallery, 65 LA? Ta»± Tra»?ng, Ba??n NghA©, Ha»“ ChA­ Minh, Vietnam Open hrs: 8 am a€“ 5 pm each day access terms: 15,000 VND the way to get truth be told there: The HCMC Museum can be found close to the Dong Khoi section of the town, strolling distance through the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

View from Bitexco Financial Tower

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