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The Noah Farrelly Run & Southside Field Day

Our son Noah Farrelly was struck and killed by a vehicle on December 4th, 2018, just months into his freshman year at Stony Brook University, while out on a training run for the university’s track and cross country team. In an instant, our kind, lovable, sociable, energetic 18-year-old firstborn child was gone.

Like any family that has lost a loved one, we wanted to find ways to keep some part of Noah “alive” and with us. We wanted to help keep him present in the memories of those who knew him, and in the community, he was proud to call home. We wanted to do things in his name that represent his values and what he valued. We also wanted to return the tremendous generosity so many people showed us in the early days of our loss.

We found the perfect solution in The Noah Farrelly Run & Southside Field Day, a community event celebrating the things Noah loved most: running and sports, friendly competition, and bringing people together for a good time with food and music. It’s the sort of occasion Noah would have relished planning for others, and would have enthusiastically participated in himself.

The proceeds from the event will support The Noah Farrelly Memorial Fund, a foundation engaged in charitable and educational projects reflective of Noah’s journey through life and his passing.

Learn more about the Fund and its projects here

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